Who am I?

Entrepreneurship is like a journey of discovery

The fun is in discovering what suits you best!


Are you this very busy and stressed entrepreneur?
Always looking for new customers,
and at times all crazy and stressed out by the hectic pace of your business?

Struggling to find the balance between being an entrepreneur and having a private life?

I’d like to help you find your way of doing business,
help you discover which entrepreneurial way suits you best,
so you can be successful with less stress and more freedom.

Who am I?

My name is Gesuino Poddighe, business coach.
I am a connector, connecting the dots from where you are now to where you want to be.

It is my mission to connect you with your abilities,
with your passion,
with what you do best
and what you really like and want to do.
So you can be a different entrepreneur:
Successful and making money,
in a more relaxed way, with less stress and more freedom.
And most of all: Having fun doing what you do.



My own journey of discovery started as a child. Being very young I discovered and learned a lot about people. Looking back, I can see that already in primary school I wanted to be the connector. I was friends with the most popular guys in class, but also with the odd man out. I didn’t understand the fun of bullying classmates and took it up for the underdog.
And I got away with it because the popular guys liked me.

In those early years I discovered my strong sense of justice. And the fact that I cannot stand injustice. That basic emotion still is my major drive, and sometimes also a hindrance in my work.

My journey of discovery as an entrepreneur began years ago in the Fair Trade Shop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I worked in this Fair Trade gift shop for many years, first as a volunteer, then as assistant Store Manager. And in 1996 I became the Store Manager.
Almost immediately I felt like a true entrepreneur. For the first time I felt the freedom to set my own (business) goals and build up a successful business team. My qualities as a connector came in very handy in this period. With my personal and open management style I built a strong, committed and independent sales team.

QuotesTen years later I left a Fair Trade Shop that had become a beautiful and attractive shop with a solid and growing turnover.
They were ten years of searching, discovering, successes, setbacks, frustrations and fun. … lots of fun!

After those exciting ten years I was ready for the next step in my journey of discovery. In 2005 I started to work as a self-employed business consultant for entrepreneurs. The name of my company Gesp Ondernemersadvies  refers to my connecting character and qualities. Gesp is the Dutch word for Buckle.

I discovered the freedom to do what I love to do: stimulate and challenge people, confront and inspire them to choose their own path as an entrepreneur. With warmth and humour.
Humour can challenge you to deal with a problem. And although we will laugh a lot, I always take you very seriously as a person, as a business person.

I challenge you to step into a different way of doing business.


Quotes (3)Since 2005 I have helped more than 500 entrepreneurs. In individual coaching sessions, group meetings, workshops and trainings. These entrepreneurs taught me a very important lesson: Once you discover your unique way of doing business, you can start building a business that suits you. With clients who are fun and who energize you.
Being successful without all that unhealthy stress.

Minding your business is about taking care of your business and of yourself.

Entrepreneurship is a voyage of discovery. Also for me. Still.
So I go on and keep discovering, new entrepreneurial countries, new roads and new opportunities.

In 2015 I moved towards more online business. A new world opened up for me.
I feel a new kind of freedom as an entrepreneur. I discovered how effective I can be online. And how much more people I can help without getting stressed myself. 😉
It all fits perfectly with my main mission:

Helping people to be successful, with less stress and more entrepreneurial freedom.

I really hope you are on your own journey of discovery.
Because it is so fun and exciting.

May I help you take the next steps?

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