The correct action for best results

The problem I often see entrepreneurs is that they have too little revenue. And the question that strikes me most is: How can I get more customers?

Of course, I have not the right answer. Every entrepreneur is unique, every company is different. And then it's also based on where the company is located.

My starting point in helping entrepreneurs is always the mission, that is, in my view, the basis of success.

An entrepreneur who knows exactly what she is doing, for whom and why. There I am well happy. You know they undoubtedly though, and very likely you're it: an entrepreneur with a mission.

But what if you do have a clear Mission, and the real result yet not provided?


I imagine you like for to Eline

Eline is a young woman who started her own business a few years ago as a children's coach. She asked me to help her figure out why it's less and less goes with her practice. After some good years in which new customers could find her with ease, they notice that they are lately increasingly difficult to do … and that new customers can find them insufficient.

She goes occasionally to networking events where they meet other coaches who are still more than enough customers. She asks tips and look at what they can do. She has many webinars and training sessions followed, both online and offline, and also regularly visit events of marketing specialists.  And yet manage the hair but not to achieve the results there are portrayed. How can it anyway, she asks me, that others do not succeed what I get?

Good question!
What they are thanks to all those training sessions in any case clear is what they want to accomplish, for whom and why that is important. A clear corporate mission has them all on paper. Not written in common words and wonderful sentences, but drawn on poster size in all kinds of colors. Creative and different than ' normal '. Cool!

Eline has also its offer reasonably bright. On her website there is already reading about it. We make it even more concrete and focused more on its specific target group. She sees it at the end of our conversation all are. Still a few things a little different and then it's all set and I am super satisfied.


If I call her two weeks later she is some further ideas to develop very targeted to specific products they can offer. First she wants to even better adapt its existing range on its target group. Because that is the most important lesson they from our conversation. Still here by suits, and I can go for it.

A month later she is still not quite ready for. She feels she must address its marketing otherwise. She has a website but there are too few visitors, and that they would like to change. So she is trying to figure out how to make her marketing needs to address. Do you think I should do more with social media?

Then I get an email a week later that they brush up her website to the is, so her new mission more clearly visible. A slightly different Tan, some new pages, other photo. Fresher, a little less. So it also appeals to young parents of children with ADHD …


I call her on to discuss what is going on. How is it possible that she was almost done a few weeks ago and now again in the middle of a website renewal?

She appears to suffer from something a lot of entrepreneurs. Eline is a perfectionist! What for some is good, is not good enough for her. The picture should be all correct and perfect before they go out.

And so it can happen that they time and again something else in her text which is not good. That they want to develop its first product in detail before they will look for a customer. That her story exactly the right tone must have before it can be published on the website. That they are becoming new input calls, visit events and participate in webinars, and keeps trying to process all those input in her own story and marketing. She is weeks very busy with running around in circles.

Apparently, a clear Mission and a reasonably good picture of the customers and the offer for Eline not enough. The perfectionist in her is very very useful for tightening up its services and plan its daily work, but in this unpredictable and uncertain business phase is an inhibiting factor.


What every perfectionist needs is focus!

Setting ambitious but achievable goals and focusing on concrete actions according to a roadmap can bring it closer to the goal. If the roadmap is in place, she will have to let go and especially the urge for perfection. Take action. Real action to customers. Because without action no result!


This article is the first in a series about Eline
Eline is called in really different, but it exists. Maybe do you recognize yourself in her? Do you feel that there is more to your company than you so far out? Turn around in circles and you do not really ahead?


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